Offsite is trusted by dozens of vc-backed startups, inc 5000s, and publicly-traded companies

Offsite is building the “go-to” platform for managing any and all in-person connection among your people, starting with team retreats, VIP client-facing events, and similar types of high budget, high complexity, and high ROI gatherings.

Case Study

How woven’s CEO uses Offsites to increase employee engagement and retention

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“We had a lot of uncertainty and then came across Offsite through total luck...During an executive team meeting, we decided Offsite seemed like the way to go. They helped us not make big mistakes here and have a great experience.”

Wes Woven

Founder/CEO, Woven


Two Day Retreat In Miami, FL for Inc's #105th Fastest-Growing Company in 2021

Going remote hasn't been easy, but I think we're starting to figure it out. We noticed a dramatic increase in trust, excitement, and collaboration on our team following our Offsite, which is still noticeable many months later.

Mike Lisovetsky

Co-Founder, JUICE

Case Study

Why Cognito chose to use Offsite for two separate retreats in 2021 as a fully-distributed team

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“After the All-Hands retreat, a lot of people told me they felt more connected to the team, the company, and our mission.”

Christopher Morton

President and COO,
Cognito (acquired by Plaid)

Case Study

Building an Offsite cadence (for team retreats and community engagement as a leading VC firm)

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Having you guys decide what made sense for the team was really great. It took a weight off in terms of making those decisions… I didn’t expect you guys to go so deep with helping us solve some of our internal struggles.

Faye Almeshaan

Director of Operations

Case Study

How Volt uses Offsite for executive team retreats (despite having an office-first culture)

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Planning an offsite would take time we simply didn’t have. When the options were trying to put together a half-assed offsite, which would distract the team and cost just as much in the hours put in, or let someone with actual experience and focus put together a great offsite tailored for our needs and goals – it was a no-brainer to work with Offsite.

Martin Lien